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Here you can see where a Dremil Tool comes in handy.
I notched out the opening for my belt
to pass through.
Notice how the box and back lid are notched
to give the complete wrap-around effect.
The completed seam in its closed position.
The same technique was applied
when I added the off/on switch.
Here you see the lamp fixtures
(# 272-1176 Radio Shack)
without their bases & lenses.
The two of them supply light for the
Green fixtures where as a complete lamp base fixture
with red lense is used for the red lamp effect.
Wiring is pretty straight forward. Positive's to Positives..Neg's to Neg's. I placed the switch in series with the Positive lead. Also to be noted, notice how I notched out channels, sliced a piece of hose down the center and "wrapped" the nylon plumbing hose completely through. That prevented me from having to trust a glue to secure the hose to my box. Lastly, for an original effect if desired, a lamp could be placed behind the hose. Since it is transparent, it luminates the hose perfectly! Gives it the fiber optic look.
The completed interior. The "C" Cell holder fits snuggly in place.

Lastly, the Green Light Fixtures. These were not found at any local hardware shop. I stumbled into these items on some dead machinery. They could possibly be located if one was apt to search for them.Click here to view a Hi-Res image of my Green Light Fixtures. All Part numbers and manufacturer info is seen here. The LED's supplied with the fixtures are excellent....the only problem is, they are 24V. I just gutted the assembly and snapped the Radio Shack lamps in.

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