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Reproduction Vintage Star Wars Backer Cards are here


Here are fellow costuming enthusiasts showing off their projects.
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Jason Sandberg
Jason built his Boba Fett suit with help from fellow Fett Costumer's. Jason painted and weathered the suit himself!
Jason's 3 year old daughter sports a totally home-made Jawa costume. He even has the eyes wired to light up.

May 20th Episode 1 in theaters!
Aaron Brigman and Bridgette Sullivan
Aaron sports his awesome Darth Vader costume.
Bridgette (his girlfriend) wears a Darkwoman costume made by Kathy Van Beuningen .
Aaron is starring as Darth Vader in a Fan Film due out shortly.

Thomas Kuerlemann
Thomas has come a long way with his creation! He must be proud and recently won 2 airline ticket to anywhere in the US and 5day/4nights accommodations to any of a number of locations! Makes DecaturVader jealous **grin**

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