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"What build/height are you"?
I stand 6'1" at 230lb. I wear 11.5 shoe and I have a 36" waist.

"What do you use for a body suit?"
My wife constructed me a one-piece spandex-type suit. She used a sewing pattern for a race car driver's suit. It zips up in the front and my ribbed neck colar was sewn directly to it.

"What do you use for shoes?"
The shoes worn with the trooper suit are actually white slip-on Tuxedo shoes! They look great and fit super. They even have a Black sole. Best part about it is I bought them locally for $13.

"Once all White Armor pieces arrived, did they fit well?"
Basiclly, the suit fit my dimmensions well. Keep in mind I am 6'1" with 36" waiste. All upper pieces fit super- no modifications required. My only problem was the calves and thighs. I used ABS to make spacers to join the two thigh pieces in the rear. For the calves, I had made some white spandex pieces to join each piece in the rear.

"Velcro actully holds this suit together?"
Well, Yes & No. The helmet requires cementing/bonding of some type since it comes in 5 pieces. Everything else "can" be put together with velcro.....but it isn't very durable. If everything is assembled with Velcro, you need to be careful how you walk, how fast you move, how far you move and etc....What I found out was no matter how clean the area was that the Velcro was applied to, in certain situations it would come undone. Especially in humid weather. That adhesive just came right off. So I used a somewhat un-orthadox method to change that. For years, I have used an adhesive called "Plastic and Emblem Adhesive" made by 3M. This stuff is intended for automotive use, thats how strong it is. I applied this adhesive to the backside of the Velcro. Not too much needs to be applied because you don't want it squishing out around the edges a whole lot. Once the Veclro was applied, I ran a bead of the adhesive along the edges to keep it held down. In strategic areas particular to my suit, I even permanantly glued the elastic straps to the Velcro. For example, my Chest armor, Back armor, 2 Shoulder connecting straps and 2 shoulder bells are ALL one-piece! It is a VERY strong feeling and I don't worry about it coming undone at all. For pieces such as the Thigh Utility Belt and Knee Plate, I used rivots.

"What do you use for a weapon?"
My blaster is an extensivelly modified Kenner Blaster rifle. With the simple Dremil tool modifications, Atari 2600 cartridge and wiper blades it really looks real. I even had a local Police Officer tell me I should put an orange nossle on the barrel to let people know it is a toy.

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